Minor hassle, major setback

We all make mistakes – we all miss typos – but this time it was really annoying.  I live in Austria and therefore have a German language  keyboard with Umlaut keys like “ä” and “ö”.  When I insert a contents table into a document it has the title “Inhalt” which is German for “Contents”.  I completely failed to see this when I submitted my novel to CreateSpace and only saw it when the paper version arrived through the post.  Everything else about the book was perfect – just that screaming error.  It made me feel really stupid and incompetent.  I was so impatient to see the final version of the book that I paid the extra postage to get it here quickly.  Then that.  Impostor Syndrome set in big time.  Total wally syndrome too.  I then read Michelle Campbell-Scott’s book “Make Your Book Work Harder” in which she walks you through the various processes to get your book published and sold.  She said you don’t necessarily have to see the physical copy on CreateSpace, especially if you know what it’s going to look like.

Big relief!

Having left my paperback on the shelf for a week, I bolted back to CreateSpace and have corrected the offending “Inhalt” to “Contents” and re-submitted.


Thanks Michelle!

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4 Responses to Minor hassle, major setback

  1. Congratulations on getting your book up – I haven’t quite gotten to that step. It must have been very exciting, and don’t worry about the error. Unless you’re Nicholas Sparks, your book doesn’t get bought and reviewed even before it get out – there is time for corrections.

    Impostor? You have BOOK out. You are awesome!

    • kitzlouise says:

      Hi Alicia, Thank you for your comment! I see from your blog that you’ve been blogging for a while. I’ve just started and you’re the first person ever to comment – so you will understand that I am very grateful and hugely gratified! Keep blogging and thanks for your encouraging comments!

  2. Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you got sorted. I’m always cheered by the number of errors I spot in traditionally-published books, which tend to go through seven rounds of editing and proofing before release! I read your Goodreads stat, great number of entries!

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