The Hand-Made Plane

the hand-made plane-amazonby Louise Ebenhoeh

Hello!  And welcome to my blog!  Thank you for visiting.  Below is a short description of my novel.  I have finally screwed up the courage to hit the “save and publish” button on Amazon.  This is very empowering.

“A surprise birthday present puts Caroline’s life into a tail-spin. It makes her want to change the world and brings her into contact with a homeless teenager, the millionaire son of an English lord and a mysteriously attractive youth offender.

When they all meet at a drop-in centre for homeless people, each is forced to confront their prejudices and attitudes. Is Caroline’s innocent assumption that love alone can change the world about to receive a serious set-back? Lucy’s life on the street has taught her a lot of survival skills, but she has never learned to trust. How long will Henry be able to buy his way out of trouble? And Jack, whose criminal family landed him in prison, desperately wants to regain control of his life.

Can the pulls of friendship and even love overcome such radically different backgrounds? These four disparate teenagers spend a summer together which none of them will ever forget.”

Have you written a novel?  What was your experience of publishing?  Please comment – I’d love to hear from you!

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